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Cool Wallpapers 22, Dec. 2010@10:49pm

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Icons 13, Aug. 2010@9:39am


Jrock: Gackt


to see all icons click Here @ final_faith 
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Icons & Headers 06, Aug. 2010@4:21am


Jrock: Gackt


To see everything please click Here @ final_faith 
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[Selling?] Gackt's Towel 'Yellow Fried Chickenz' London Euro. Tour Merch. 2010 03, Aug. 2010@9:06pm

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heya everyone!~~∩( ・ω・)∩
I attended the Gackt European Tour YFC in the 02 Islington in London on 16th July 2010.
It was an amazing performance and a night I will remember always~ 
I know that there has been some interest in the merchandise! I bought  what seems to be a unisex (male/female), Gackt YFC t-shirt in medium.
During the encore Gackt threw his towel into the crowd, I got a hold of it. Then a 20 min tug of war commenced. Anyway, long story short, I won at a long game of rock, paper, scissors and now I am the proud owner of said towel :D
I was wondering if anyone thinks I should put these products up for sale on ebay or maybe just send me msg if you are interested. I will post pics if necessary (also, I have proof on towel and everything) :P

Was just wondering if anyone is interested? and whether I should bother? 

Thanks for your time,

        Kao xx

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GC´s Birthday Project - Deadline 15, Jun. 2010@9:09am

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Hi everybody!! I want to inform you that today is the last day to register in the "GC's Birthday Project, which is a virtual gift we will send to Gackt for his birthday. Tomorrow I will begin to distribute the work between the participants, and no one else can participate after that.

Currently 15 people are registered: satsukiyatoji  (they are 2), stormloire, ansnnn, an3355, shadowychan, gakuto_girl, narnia_lullaby, dohai_love, xrosesandthorns, kawaiiatai, natsu_shourai, loveisinus, shougaku and me, tsukisagi.

To register, visit this entry

[SELLING] Gackt "Real Figure" of Squall from FF8 11, Jun. 2010@4:04pm

12.25" tall awesome Gackt statue of him dressed like Squall from FFVIII? You got it!

Here's the listing on eBay!

For those of you who remember Kissmark, Gackt's first official fanclub, they were the masterminds behind this particular Gackt statue. I've got it up for auction so please go check it out! It's in mint condition and hasn't ever been removed from the box.

Thanks guys! (≧∇≦)
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2010/06/10 - New Update - GACKT = WOW!! 10, Jun. 2010@9:05pm


GACKT Causes Ticket Sale-Servers to Crash in Europe Due to High Demand!

tour / release / GACKT

With GACKT a real super star of the Japanese music scene is coming to Europe this July and he will be touring through five exclusive clubs in Great Britain, France, Spain and Germany starting on July 16th. In many places the tickets to these shows have SOLD OUT in less than 30 minutes, as it was the case in Germany. In France, the tickets sold out via one agency even before they could go on sale with a different one.

The high demand caused servers to crash in several places, as fans were eager to get their tickets as soon as possible.

[Read more...]

GC´s Birthday Project 09, Jun. 2010@2:37pm

Hi everybody!! This is my first post here ^^ I know many of you are very busy with the European Tour of YFC and I´m very happy for all of you!! But I want you to know about this little project I have been doing for GACKT´s Birthday.

First of all, I want to say that GACKT COLLECTION.COM is a website in process, but for now I´m doing the project in the community of the website, gacktcollection .

The project consist in a virtual gift that we will send to GACKT for his birthday, which we all know, will be held next July 4th.
The gift is drawing the kanjis of "Happy Birthday." Each participant will draw one of the kanjis on paper, then, they will scan it, and I'll unite all the pictures and send them to GACKT.
The message will be in total



In this entry it´s all the information about the project, for the people who are interested ^^

See you!!

Selling Platinum Boxes 3-6 Original First Press 08, Jun. 2010@7:26pm

Gackt Platinum Box III - $30 DVD with Crystal Frame Picture
Gackt Platinum Box IV - $40 DVD with Card Stock
Gackt Platinum Box V - $40 DVD with Clock
Gackt Platinum Box VI - $40 DVD with ashtray

[selling] poster, card, flyers,... 06, Jun. 2010@8:18am

New poster on sale !

I need money for FILM BUG II çç

new posters, pls serious buyer this time !!

PostersCollapse )

CardCollapse )

FlyersCollapse )

feesCollapse )

Payment methodCollapse )
ONLY serious buyers !
Contact me ONLY if you are sure to have money on your Paypal account.

Please, if you're interested email me ( / ) or leave a comment with:
- the item you're interested
- the payment method (for the PP fees)
- the S&S method, with tube or not,... (fot the S&S fees)
- your email adress
- your country (for the sending fees)

possibility to negotiate prices... make an offer !

As soon as possible, i'll send you a message with the total cost to confirm your order.
Any question, leave comment or email me. (you can combine shipping fees)

NB: i can hold items for you during only 1 week.


2010/05/27 - Photo of the Day - GACKT 27, May. 2010@8:13pm

It's really not that easy to pull out your camera , when on the train, iPod in one hand cell phone in the other, when the need arises.
And it ddi on my way to work, when i saw this picture!
It's kinda unusual...and for musicJAPANplus, it's the first time to feature GACKT in the photo of the day category!

Take a look at the Photo of the Day!

Artist : GACKT
Location: Takadanobaba
Time: 2010/04/21 AM10:44

GACKT is very popular among musicJAPANplus readers. After all, he ranked in the second spot for our Valentine's Day voting. Well, have you seen this commercial, where GACKT is a little...out of his usual cool self? (laughs)

[Take a closer look right here!]
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[Sharing] Mizerable Photobook Unmei&Hishou -Gackt- 22, May. 2010@10:19pm

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 Hey! I've Uploaded another one~
This time is an Oldie XD the Mizerable Photobook I've zipped the two sides Unmei and Hishou in one archive °(OwO)°


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Selling stay the ride alive 16, May. 2010@3:31pm


[Sharing] Kimi ga Oikaleta Yume and MoonChild Photobooks 11, May. 2010@4:42pm

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Um! Here's another Photobook of gackt
This time Kimi ga Oikaketa yume photobook, one of my favorites >w< 
Ah! and the linl to the moonchild photobook too, last time I forgot to post it here ^^U

Hope you enjoy
(Forgive my english my mother language is Spanish )ñ.ñUU

Photobooks here~Collapse )

Crossposted a little 


[Sharing] CRESCENT PHOTOBOOK 03, May. 2010@6:27pm

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 Hey there~!!
First post jejeje
I'm sharing the crescent photobook!! :D

ehhh~ I don't know if this is allowed here, if not, please feel free to delete it  ^.^U



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