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Sale: Gackt singles 27, Jan. 2013@10:13pm


I'm selling many singles from Gackt.

GACKT- Lost Angels 7€
GACKT- Flower 7€
GACKT- Ghost 7€
GACKT- No ni Saku Hana no You ni 6€

The shipping would be from France. The payment method would be Paypal.
The shipping fees and paypal fees are not include in the price.
I can ship worldwide.

Do not hesitate to ask questions!

Thank you for looking!

Seller Pos 21, Mar. 2012@2:36am

Im selling a lot of Gackt things, DVD's CD's etc. I really need the money right now so please take a look.

Sale 03, Dec. 2011@1:17pm

I'm selling Gackt posters, keyholders, phonestraps, buttons, towels, etc
Please have a look here

sale post 22, Oct. 2011@2:04pm

I'm selling some items of J-rock bands. Also a flyer of Gackt - YFC, too.

Please have a look here:

28, Aug. 2011@11:59pm


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25, Aug. 2011@4:42am

Hello Dears!!

I want to sell this: Gackt's single Mizerable.
A lot of time ago I liked Gackt very much, but now I don't listen to him nor I'm not interested in him anymore so I prefer to give away this CD to a true fan who really would like to have it. The single of course is used (I used it!!), but since I always had some kind of worship for my japanese stuff its conditions are really very good and it seems like new. The CD is not damaged at all and cartonboard casebox is almost like the first day.

If you're interested, please check for pictures and more information here and leave a comment on the post in my LJ. I will answer as soon as possible!!

GACKT DAY~ Icons~ 04, Jul. 2011@12:03am


GACKT (120)

Click here @kyrie0

★ ICONS & MR. PERFECT BANNERS ★ 04, Jul. 2011@12:53am

Icons, Mr. Perfect Banners

Jrock: GACKT



99 Icons and 13 Banners HERE @ final_faith 
Post will be locked in 3 days.

Selling Gackt stuff 25, Jun. 2011@3:00pm

Hi ^.^

I'm selling my Gackt buttons, some Gackt pictures and Gackt pencil from Japan
(and stuff from other bands as well)

Over here

DS: CD's 23, Feb. 2011@12:50pm


♥ shipping from Germany!
Payment in €
German buyers: bank transfer (prefered), paypal
International buyers: paypal only [Required 4
,5% + 0,35€ service fee]
♥ I am not responsible for lossed or damaged items

Germany 2,50€
international: 3,50€

1. 12 Gatsu no Love song (Japan Version) audiotary edition -8€
2. Another World audiotary edition -  8€

DS: Gackt Live DVD 6th day 7th Night 10, Jan. 2011@4:31pm

I have a Gackt Live DVD at my page for DS.
Please contact me there if interested.

Desktop Calendar 2011 ~ A year with G 02, Jan. 2011@12:45am


Here at tsukisagi 

This is my second G calendar and this year I come with another type of calendar, go to my journal to find out about it!
Happy New Year 2011 to everyone!


selling 01, Jan. 2011@7:26pm

Hello everyone!

I have some Gackt stuff for sale.

CD'sCollapse )

Other stuffCollapse )

If you're interested please comment over here.

You will find all relevant informations over here.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 01, Jan. 2011@2:31am

   mood   happy  

  HAPPY NEW YEAR DEARS!!! hope you had fun the past year and have more fun this new year!!! i wanna share with you today some Gackt wallpapers i designed using different scans!! hope you like them~!! <3

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PopBeat Super 2003.12 issue for sale 30, Dec. 2010@1:05am

i'm selling a backissue of popbeat super, 2003.12 issue, that was released back when moonchild was coming out!
it features an article about the movie, interview with gackt and hyde, and photos from the film and press conference about the film.

all details can be found here :)

thank you! if this is inappropriate, please delete :)

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