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Yay!! My first Entry ^^

This is my first entry on this community. Please welcome me ^^
Anyway, i've made some comparison on Gackt as a Fictional figure...
I think a lot of mangaka and anime maker actually like him to be their model. But did them give Gackt something as a royalty??

Cloud Strife from FF VII...
walo square enix ga mo ngaku klo mereka niru style-nya Gacchan buat bikin Cloud, liat betapa miripnya mereka (ato Gacchan yg niru Cloud???)

Fujimiya Aya from Weib Kruez...
ini mah dah jelas klo pengarang Weib sengaja gambar Aya sambil nyontek posenya Gacchan.

Byakuya from Bleach...
soal yang satu ini sih kata tomo Rchan. Katanya Gacchan cocok jadi live action-nya Byakuya. Memang mirip seh...model rambutnya.

Dallas from Valkyre...
jarang ada yang omongin cowok satu ini, padahal Gamenya kereeen. Almond Shaped Eyes-nya itu looohhhh. Gackt Bangeet!!

Genesis/G from FFVII Crisis Core
Sudah jelas ini Gackt! Square Enix aja dah ngaku. Bahkan seiyu G pun Gacchan...bajunya juga dipake Gacchan pas nyanyi di acaranya M.Net kemaren.

Night from Absolute Boyfriend
Yang satu ini dari manga yang di Indo judulnya perfectly boyfriend. Mangakanya pasti bikin pic Night sambil liat pic Gacchan.

Anyone know who he is??

There's more fictional Gackt.
And don't forget about Lau Wong from Bujingai. He's Gackt for sure.
To bad i haven't found any picture which worth to be compared.

PS. Gomen, some text written in indonesian language ^^; That just my personal comment on to the character.
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