kaoru (kaolocke) wrote in g_a_c_k_t,

[Selling?] Gackt's Towel 'Yellow Fried Chickenz' London Euro. Tour Merch. 2010

heya everyone!~~∩( ・ω・)∩
I attended the Gackt European Tour YFC in the 02 Islington in London on 16th July 2010.
It was an amazing performance and a night I will remember always~ 
I know that there has been some interest in the merchandise! I bought  what seems to be a unisex (male/female), Gackt YFC t-shirt in medium.
During the encore Gackt threw his towel into the crowd, I got a hold of it. Then a 20 min tug of war commenced. Anyway, long story short, I won at a long game of rock, paper, scissors and now I am the proud owner of said towel :D
I was wondering if anyone thinks I should put these products up for sale on ebay or maybe just send me msg if you are interested. I will post pics if necessary (also, I have proof on towel and everything) :P

Was just wondering if anyone is interested? and whether I should bother? 

Thanks for your time,

        Kao xx
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