HAPPY NEW YEAR DEARS!!! hope you had fun the past year and have more fun this new year!!! i wanna share with you today some Gackt wallpapers i designed using different scans!! hope you like them~!! <3

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PopBeat Super 2003.12 issue for sale

i'm selling a backissue of popbeat super, 2003.12 issue, that was released back when moonchild was coming out!
it features an article about the movie, interview with gackt and hyde, and photos from the film and press conference about the film.

all details can be found here :)

thank you! if this is inappropriate, please delete :)

[Selling?] Gackt's Towel 'Yellow Fried Chickenz' London Euro. Tour Merch. 2010

heya everyone!~~∩( ・ω・)∩
I attended the Gackt European Tour YFC in the 02 Islington in London on 16th July 2010.
It was an amazing performance and a night I will remember always~ 
I know that there has been some interest in the merchandise! I bought  what seems to be a unisex (male/female), Gackt YFC t-shirt in medium.
During the encore Gackt threw his towel into the crowd, I got a hold of it. Then a 20 min tug of war commenced. Anyway, long story short, I won at a long game of rock, paper, scissors and now I am the proud owner of said towel :D
I was wondering if anyone thinks I should put these products up for sale on ebay or maybe just send me msg if you are interested. I will post pics if necessary (also, I have proof on towel and everything) :P

Was just wondering if anyone is interested? and whether I should bother? 

Thanks for your time,

        Kao xx
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GC´s Birthday Project - Deadline

Hi everybody!! I want to inform you that today is the last day to register in the "GC's Birthday Project, which is a virtual gift we will send to Gackt for his birthday. Tomorrow I will begin to distribute the work between the participants, and no one else can participate after that.

Currently 15 people are registered: satsukiyatoji  (they are 2), stormloire, ansnnn, an3355, shadowychan, gakuto_girl, narnia_lullaby, dohai_love, xrosesandthorns, kawaiiatai, natsu_shourai, loveisinus, shougaku and me, tsukisagi.

To register, visit this entry
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