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g_a_c_k_t's Journal

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Another Gackt Community
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[June 12th, 2006]


1. Respect each other as well as the MODS. Flaming/fighting/disrespect will not be tolerated. One warning before being banned.

2. Keep ALL posts Gackt related.
If posts are NOT Gackt related, or are breaking a rule, the post will be deleted.

3. You ARE allowed to request files of Gackt/Malice Mizer/anything Gackt related; however, you are *not* allowed to request full albums or DVDs. The same rule applies to uploading. Also, any file-sharing posts *MUST* be friends locked.

4. Remember to use LJ-cuts! If you have big pictures, or a high number of pictures in your post, PLEASE remember to use cuts.

**Lastly, remember to always credit for pictures and graphics if you post with questions about some. There are people out there who are very sensitive about their scans.**


[may 19, 2005]; thanks to rawkstarr23 for getting g_a_c_k_t up to a paid account! now this community can be.. well, cooler than it use to be. thanks again!

[apr. 2, 2005]; g_a_c_k_t has 200 members!

[mar. 11, 2005]; g_a_c_k_t has a new maintainer, teufel! together, we'll hopefully get the community to look a bit decent, and actually have some nice layouts and icons. updates on gackt, his albums/singles, etc. can be found within the community, or at Gackt's Official Website.

[dec. 28, 2004]; gackt fans, i have completely forgot about this community and it has been over a few years. to tell you all the truth, i didn't even know i owned this community until just now! now that i remember having this community, i promise that i will do what i can to make it one of the best.

Creator/Mod - lassie
Mod/Maintainer - teufel

Other Communities
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If you would like to be an affiliate, please contact the mods and it'll be decided on. :)

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